Our small team of two wears many hats.

While we all bring different unique skills, the common thread is our passion to end bullying. We are located in New York and New Jersey, but our reach spans the United States.

Shira | Founder

My name is Shira, and I’m the founder of #HatNotHate. I was bullied in the 4th grade, and decided to launch this campaign back in 2018. And here we are, with thousands of blue hats collected and this message resonating with so many of you. I am so grateful to each and every one of you for helping spread the message of #HatNotHate and helping us eradicate bullying for good. Click HERE to read more about why I started this campaign.

Shira's Story
Shira with giant blue hat
Meghan, Director of Operations

Meghan | Director of Operations

Hi, I’m Meghan, Director of Operations for #HatNotHate. First and foremost, I am a wife and mom of two beautiful kids. I started working on this campaign in April of 2019, and immediately fell in love with the cause. This is the first time in my life that I have been a part of something so rewarding. I love that I get to share in the process from start to finish, from reading hand-written notes from makers, to seeing kids smile when they receive their hats. I feel lucky to play a part in eliminating bullying.

Our Partner

We are pleased to announce Creativity for Kids as our official 2022 partner. Not only did they help to bring the #HATNOTHATE Loom Kit to life, they continue to support our mission of “Every Hat Makes a Difference.”

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We believe in Enriching Lives Through Creativity and Self-Expression

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