What exactly is #HATNOTHATE?

#HATNOTHATE was launched in 2018 by Shira Blumenthal. #HATNOTHATE encourages kindness through creativity.

We distribute handmade blue hats across the country for youth to wear. Through hands-on activities, we empower children to be kind.

Why do the hats need to be blue?

The color blue represents awareness, peace, and solidarity.

What are the requirements for the blue hats I want to donate?

Most hat sizes are appropriate, i.e. ranging from 16 inches to 20 inches in circumference. Close-fitting beanie style as well as slouchy style hats are welcome. Hats should be handmade using any blue yarn and should be at least 75% blue.

Where do I donate my blue hats?

Currently, we are no longer collecting hats. But contact your local school or community program and share our resource page for #HATNOTHATE activation ideas.

How do I get blue hats at my school?

Reach out to your local shops and community groups to ask for blue hat donations.

How do I post on social media about #HATNOTHATE?

Take a picture with your blue hat and post it on Facebook or Instagram, and add #HATNOTHATE.

smiling children wearing blue hats

Get your patterns here:

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