#HATNOTHATE is a ripple effect.
Just one person can make a difference.

This page shows all the different ways to implement activities centered around #HANOTHATE and kindness in your community.

Crafting for


Make handmade blue hats. Learn how to knit, crochet or loom blue hats to distribute to your community.

Thanks to our friends at Creativity for Kids, you can purchase a #HATNOTHATE Loom Kit HERE.

Don’t know how to knit or crochet?
Click HERE for a printable paper hat activity.

A Kind


The Kind Biography
Every day a different student is chosen as the superhero of the class and the students get to empower them with words of kindness

Kindness Chain
Write down acts of kindness on pieces of paper and make a chain, each day cut off one piece and perform the act

B.L.U.E. & K.I.N.D.

    • Start With the Acronym B.L.U.E or K.I.N.D.
    • Think About the Message. 
    • Brainstorm Words for Each Letter. 
    • Choose Your Words.

Rally for


Have a poster contest 
Each classroom or group creates a poster encouraging kindness

Bulletin Board Display
Creative calls to action, how community members can implement kindness

Throw a parade!
A day or afternoon where kindness is celebrated, and everyone wears blue. Including showcasing hats, written kind biographies, posters and more!

Reading for Kindness

Here is a few of our favorite books

Happy Jack, Sad Jack:

A Bullying Story By Mark Bello


A Story About Dealing with Bullying in Schools (The Weird! Series) By Erin Frankel and Paula Heaphy

Little Lizzy

Her Cousin Lori, and the Not-So-Bucket-Filling Friends By Dr. Liz

The Kindness Book

By Todd Parr