Our Supporters

We are pleased to announce Creativity for Kids as our official 2022 partner. Not only did they help to bring the #HATNOTHATE Loom Kit to life, they continue to support our mission of “Every Hat Makes a Difference.”

We Believe in Enriching Lives Through Creativity and Self-Expression

Creativity for Kids®, a Faber-Castell brand, provides children with experiences that stimulate and encourage their natural creativity. Engaging children in creative activities today can lead to a lifetime of creative confidence. Award-winning and highly engaging, the Creativity for Kids product line has a wide variety of craft, knitting and sensory activity kits. Since 1999, Creativity for Kids has been a part of the Faber-Castell family.

Faber-Castell® USA is headquartered in Cleveland, Ohio and is part of the global network of Faber-Castell companies. Faber-Castell is one of the world’s leading companies for high-quality products for writing, drawing and creative design as well as decorative cosmetic products. Founded in 1761, Faber-Castell is one of the oldest industrial companies in the world and has been owned by the same family for nine generations.

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